Our Fact-Checking Methodology

Our methodology attempts to accurately articulate the status of the Executive Branch's initiatives. We use a series of initiative scorecard descriptions to depict the progress, or lack thereof, of an administration's promises. This method is modeled  after Politifact.

Incomplete Information

There is no evidence that this initiative has progressed, stalled, completed, or any other status. All platform points begin with incomplete information.

In the Works/ Ongoing

Evidence demonstrates the administration is working on fulfilling this initiative or alternative options are being considered.


Evidence suggests this initiative has been worked on, but progress has been impeded possibly by the university administration, the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, or other branches of the student government.


The administration completes this initiative with a considerably less-than promised result. However, this outcome aligns with the goals of the administration.


Evidence confirms the administration successfully accomplished an initiative with results that resemble the original promise.


This initiative has been unfulfilled. A myriad of factors could precipitate this outcome such as a lack of action by the administration or an absence of resources (e.g. funds, support by university administration, etc.) necessary to accomplish this initiative. Broken promises do not implicate the administration did not attempt to attain their goal, but merely failed to procure any version of it.