Open Positions

Part of our mission is to provide engaging, practical experiences for students at Florida State. The work that our team does is hands-on and substantive, and is tailored to different interests and experience levels with Student Government. Our promise is that students will leave Torchlight with new skills and gainful experiences.

These position descriptions were made by closely matching real-world job descriptions.

Members are granted access to a LinkedIn group for current members and alumni.

Torchlight uses the Microsoft Office 365 environment.
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Student Senate Legislative Officer

Guide our efforts on the Student Senate.

FSU Policy Officer

Update the student body on changes in FSU policy.

Accountability Officer

Uphold the our commitment to accountability.

Student Policy

Research Request Officer

Connect our research team with our audiences.

Policy Assessment Officer

Spearhead effective assessment of past and present policy.

State Senate Legislative Officer

Be a liaison between the student body and the Florida Senate.

Policy Research

Finance Officer

Ensure Torchlight's financial stability and commitment to transparency.

Event Officer

Connect Torchlight with our on-campus audience.


Marketing Officer

Boost Torchlight's readership by implementing our brand identity.

Web Officer

Maintain our most important platform using databases and dynamic webpage design.

Promotional Officer

Visually document our progress through our growth and development.