Open Positions

Part of our mission is to provide engaging, practical experiences for students at Florida State. The work that our team does is hands-on and substantive, and is tailored to different interests and experience levels with Student Government. Our promise is that students will leave Torchlight with new skills and gainful experiences.

These position descriptions were made by closely matching real-world job descriptions.

Torchlight uses the following platforms for virtual collaboration.

SGA experience for each role:



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Policy Analyst

Objectively evaluate and recommend policies


Investigate claims and produce fact-based background on issues


Research Fellow

Writing sample required

Author original research reports

Research Assistant

Help Research Fellows conduct their duties


Media Content Producer

Copy Editor

Uphold our editorial standards

Logistics Coordinator

Provide administrative support


Legislative Fellow

Advanced position

Produce evidence-based analysis about legislation

Legislative Analyst

Produce policy briefs for proposed legislation

Legislative Database Editor

Maintain the Legislation Database with bill progress and voting records


Resident Senator

Open to sitting Senators only

As a sitting Senator, provide first-hand accounts of legislative actions