Goal 3: Enhance Campus Safety


Allies and Safe Zones

From SGA:


Allies & Safe Zones 101 is a three-hour basic training in contemporary LGC that is taught by an Allies & Safe Zones coordinator. The development program that is facilitated through the offices of the Student Government Association is a resource that is not heavily utilized by students. As Seminole Allies, promote the program will encourage awareness on various identities represented on the campus, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community.


In partnership with the program, all faculty and staff will be recommended to undergo training. Thus, students will be encouraged to enroll in the training from their college professors, deans, and advisors. Furthermore, the facilitators of the program are all currently faculty/staff members, opening student facilitator positions to students will engage the passions and experiences of numerous students, while providing more exposure to the program.

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Promote Allies & Safe Zones to sudents, faculty and staff. Open student facilitator positions.

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