Goal 4: Awareness and Transparency


Educating Students on the RSO Funding Process

From SGA:


Informational videos to walk students through the funding process. “FSU SGA Finance Videos” will help student leaders through our funding process.


Taking precedent from other universities we will work with Student Publications or University Communications to create “FSU SGA Finance Videos” that also walk agencies and department leaders through the funding process. Workshops will be utilized so that RSO’s can attend and will be able to walk them through the bill-writingprocess and Nole Central. These information sessions will have both PAC and RTAC representatives there to speak on their roles. They will break down how Budget Week works, the Program Allocations Committee and the Resource Travel Allocation Committee. They will also be able to ask how this process works in their favor.

Tangibles given

Student Body Treasurer Dawkins hosted a Financial Literacy Workshop in October in order to educate organizations on how they can secure funds from SGA. Additionally, Student Body Treasurer Dawkins provided insight to students during his -outside of the office, office hours-

Student Body Treasurer Dawkins has completed the filming of the Financial Literacy Video, and the videos have been posted.


Self-Reported Status: 


Our Verified Status: 




Evaluation Metric

Publishing FSU SGA Fincance Videos accessible during RSO creation process. Workshops on RSO Funding process.

Action Log

  • 10/16/19 - Self-reported as complete

  • 10/19/19 - Verification requested

  • 11/4/19 - At Executive Cabinet Meeting, Student Body Treasurer Caleb Dawkins provided partial verification

  • 2/17/20 - Grade updated to A

Grade Explanation

The funding videos have been produced and are available at http://sga.fsu.edu/accounting.videos.shtml.

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