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Electric Scooter Program

From SGA:


Parking is becoming an increasingly difficult issue on campus and to alleviate think, The Amplify Movement wants to create an electric scooter program.


Slidr is a first/last-mile electric vehicle sharing company dedicated to bringing affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solutions to communities across the world. We arethe first company in the world to provide fleets of shared electric vehicles, scooters, and bikes that can be accessed via a smartphone app. We want to give people more convenient and affordable options to opt out of using cars, especially for short trips. Whether it’s for quick trip to the grocery store across town or to connect across that “last mile” to the subway, light rail, or bus, Slidr gives people a way to do so that does not emit any carbon emissions, contribute to the root causes of global climate change, or add to traffic. In partnership with Slidr, we will work through the logistics to bring it to campus.

Tangibles given

Beginning in July 2019, the administration had conversations with various scooter companies about their introduction to FSU's campus, including Bird and Lime. Once electric scooters were introduced to the City of Tallahassee, the University Administration decided the geofence would not include the FSU campus, slowing the progress on this platform point. These conversations are ongoing with University Administration and the City of Tallahassee and will continue if the scooter trial with the City is continued.


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Not Completed

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Partnering with a company or directly funding electric scooters on campus

Action Log

2/17/20 -  Grade updated to I (Incomplete)

Grade Explanation

The city of Tallahassee has signed a contract with five scooter companies to bring electric scooters to the city, but FSU has specifically banned them from campus. A geofence has been established with each company to ensure that scooters physically power down when entering campus.

This was well out of the control of the Student Government, so an F grade is not assigned as the policies of the University Administration and City of Tallahassee would need to change in order for this initiaitve to be executed. Rather, an I grade is assigned, similar to an Incomplete grade in a course. The initiative has not happened, but the administration is not at fault.

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