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Food for Thought

From SGA:


The event will allow students to create connections with members of all branches of the Student Government Association, thus providing an opportunity for student engagement. This event will allow students to continuously be engaged with our legislative and executive branches


In the past, SGA has opened opportunities for students to share their thoughts through open forums, usually following specific events affecting the community. Food for Thought is a way to incorporate a chance to hear from students, while also providing spaces to build relationships. The event will be held in the Fall and Spring semester and will be at an open location where students can come and go. In exchange for food, such as ice cream, students will have to provide one written idea they have for the Student Government Association. The requests will be transcribed, categorized, and posted on the SGA website. Leaders of SGA will be serving the food and engaging in conversation with the students. Agencies, Bureaus, and other affiliated SGA projects will be able to table at the event as well.

Tangibles given

The Executive Branch has hosted three 'Food for Thought' events. The first event was hosted over the summer in thagard, where all students could meet members of the Executive Branch where we hosted a Taco Bar open to all students. Secretary of Student Engagement Duncan planned and coordinated our annual Welcome Back BBQ hosted by the Student Government Association in the Fall Semester where over 600 students attended. Additionally, Student Body Vice President Lee recently hosted a Friendsgiving event in collaboration with our Six Identity Based Agencies.


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Food For Thought event, ideas posted after.

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