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Gender Inclusive Housing

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Gender Inclusive Housing is an option where two or more students share a multiple occupancy regardless of students’ gender, sex, identity or gender expression. As such, individuals who are same gender or other gender identities are able to live together regardless of biological sex.


There currently are no options for Gender Inclusive Housing on the campus. Same-sex room assignments arenot ideal or appropriate for all students and there is a need to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities that is not limited to traditional gender binary. The initiative will allow any student who is eligible to live on campus an opportunity to apply and live in Gender Inclusive Housing. The housing arrangement will also apply to family members who select to room with one another. Thus, all residents can feel safe in their housing assignments with respect to their gender expression or identity. Through collaboration with the Pride Student Union and the Inter-Residence Hall Council, there will push for Gender Inclusive Housing in the Residence Halls and will advocate for a more inclusive campus climate and community.

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