Goal 6: Further FSU Strategic Plan


Goal III: Realizing the full potential of Diversity and Inclusion

From SGA:


As a nation that is increasingly becoming more culturally aware, itis incredibly important that we promote and support the full efforts of making Florida State a more diverse campus. With programs like Unconquered Scholars, and the C.A.R.E. Department we want to support the universities interest in making students feel heard and educated.


We would like to further support this effort by further expanding the funding to the Diversity & Inclusion Institute, which is an executive project that provides a space for Florida State Universitystudents to fully understand the range of diversity and multiculturalism, including but not limited to ability, socio-economic, age, rural/urban, veterans, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, gender identity & expression, religion, and faith structures.

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This initiative is ongoing through Secretary of Fulfilment & Strategic Initiatives Garner


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