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Medical Amnesty

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Allows individuals to contact medical professionals in order to receive assistance without being penalized in the eyes of the law. Also referred to as the Good Samaritan law, it can be useful during potential drug or alcohol overdoses or incidents relating to underage drink.


Currently a Medical Amnesty Policy exists as a Florida State University. At Florida State University, our Medical Amnesty Policy encourages students to seek “medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug use or abuse and in anysituation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate.” However, Medical Amnesty does not exist on off campus locations, and around 80% of our students live off campus. By implementing Medical Amnesty for alcohol off campus, we can deter serious or life-threatening situations.

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The Executive Branch alongside the Office of Governmental Affairs advocated for the expansion of Medical Amnesty in Florida and the adoption of Andrew's Law. Prior to the adoption of HB 595 (2019), FSU had a Medical Amnesty Policy for on-campus housing, which only impacted 20% of our Student Body. Upon adoption of the Policy, Medical Amnesty in Florida is now for both drug and alcohol overdoses and applies to both on and off campus - as it applies to the entire State of Florida. Additionally, SB 1080 contained amnesty provisions known as Andrew's Law, which pertained to amnesty in terms of hazing. Additionally, Representative Silvers the sponsor of HB 595 hosted a roundtable with Students, FSUPD, and administration to further outreach to students on Medical Amnesty and other campus safety initiatives. Student Body President Steinberg and Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Hecht sent an email to all students in regards to Medical Amnesty.


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Implementation of medical amnesty for both on-campus and off-campus locations. The party's original promise specifies amnesty for off-campus housing. 

Action Log

  • 10/16/19 - Self-reported as complete

  • 10/19/19 - Verification requested

  • 11/4/19 - Meeting with Executive Cabinet, details of Andrew's Law provided

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On 6/7/29, House Bill 595 was approved by Governor Ron DeSantis. This bill creates s. 562.112 and amends s. 893.21, to provide various types of medical amnesty statewide.

The creation of s. 562.112 provides immunity to individuals who give alcohol to those under 21, and those under 21 who consume or possess alcohol, when one seeks medical assistance in an alcohol-related emergency. The amendment of s. 893.21 does the same for most drugs besides alcohol.

Read the full bill here.

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