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Removing the stigma surrounding mental health are becoming more prominent on campus, it is important to also ensure accessibility and availability to mental health resources on campus. An unprecedented number of students in recent years are seeking mental health services for a plethora of issues. There is a growing demand to provide additional professional counseling services. Various studies have indicated that both poor physical health and mental health have negative impacts on life.


Results from surveys conducted at FSU have shown that approximately 2/3 of students treated indicate that mental health services provided by Counseling centers have helped them to do better academically and to remain enrolled in school. In order to ensure that our student body at Florida State University has accessible mental health resources a multifaceted approach is needed including: ●Ensuring FSU Health Day continues to provide students with accessible access to Health Services. In the past, FSU Health Day provided students with access to CHAW, the MRU, access to free EKGs, and more information about the Counseling Center●Many agencies are beginning to program for their constituents based on mental health. Through the Counseling Center’s identity based group therapy sessions, our agencies can enhance their promotion of positive mental health to their communities.●Providing information on Syllabi and FSUIDs pertaining to the Counseling Center and how to utilize the resources at the Counseling Center.●Advocate for the ratio of counselors to students to be within the recommendation of the International Associationof Counseling Services (IACS) and that appropriate funding is provided to meet the growing need of counseling services at FSU. Currently Florida State University has a ratio of 1 counselor for every 1,908 students enrolled, which is outside of the recommended ratio.

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This initiative is ongoing through Secretary of Health & Wellness Guzman and Student Body President Steinberg


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Supporting FSU Health Day, provide information about the counseling center on syllabi and FSUIDs

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