Goal 2: Engage the Student Body


Navigating College Test

From SGA:


The test will be provided for students prior to involvement fair where they will be given a list of suggested Registered Student Organizations to join based on the results of the test. The test will be created in partnership with Nole Central and StudentActivities.


Involvement fairs are held twice a year and serves as an opportunity for students to further create their FSU experience, yet with the plethora of organizations for students to join, a test can consolidate a list of RSOs with contacts for students to getinvolved with. Through a list of questions pertaining to passion, year at the University, and more, the test will be an interactive way to engage students, while providing an an additional means for students to be exposed to opportunities on campus.

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Not Completed

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Evaluation Metric

Implementation of a Navigating College Test

Action Log

2/17/20 - F grade assigned

Grade Explanation

The Involvement Fairs of both semesters have passed, and the administration has not created nor administered a Navigating College Test. The Involvement Survey appears on NoleCentral, but it is unclear whether this was an initiatve advocated for by the Executive Branch. 

Recommended Improvements

Begin working on a Navigating College Test for future semesters,

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