Goal 2: Engage the Student Body


Nole 60: First and Last 60-day challenge

From SGA:


The challenges are an interactive way to engage the freshman and seniors of the Student Body. The first 60 days of college usually set the bar for the years to come and the last 60 days of college are the final moments before graduation.


While the University has several traditions, sucha s Seminole Sensation Week, to celebrate This challenge would be an interactive challenge for students to engage with the opportunities offered on campus. The challenge for the first years incorporates challenges to get involved, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and excelling in academics. The challenges will be a “bucket-list” and a chance for students to engage with the University before their departure. Those who complete the challenges will receive a free t-shirt. Collaborate with the Agencies and Bureaus to provide programming and to encourage students to participate. Planning for the challenge will occur during the Council of President’s meeting, as well as with the Executive Cabinet. An interest form will be sent out to a variety of organizations on campus; organization leaders will be able to submit their ideas for the challenge. The type of events would be: attend an Allies & Safe Zones training, attend a cooking class with CHAW, go to a movie showing at the SLC, partake in ACE tutoring, go to the Rez, go to the Museum of Fine Arts, and more

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This initiative is ongoing through Press Secretary Francis and Student Body Vice President Lee


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