Goal 3: Enhance Campus Safety


Partner with Organizations with a focus on Autism

From SGA:


There are numerous students who attend the University that are personally affected or know individuals with developmental disabilities. With the Student Government Association’s platform, there is a need to raise awareness on the stigmas the community faces.


During Autism Awareness Month, SGA will partner with organizations, such as Best buddies and AutismSpeaksU, who focus onindividuals with ASD to launch a campaign in order to advocate for students who face the challenges of non acceptance due to their disability. There have been minimal programs with the Autistic community on campus, and this collaboration will provide exposure to the needs, existing programs/certificates, and experiences various students may have. Furthermore, as student leaders, SGA will push to require RSO leaders to include the American Disabilities Act compliance for RSO certification.

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This initiative is ongoing through Secretary of Accessibility Winn


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Partner with organizations like Best Buddies and AutismSpeaksU during Autism Awareness Month. Push to require RSO leaders to include ADA compliance for RSO certification.

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