Goal 3: Enhance Campus Safety


Partnership with Title IX

From SGA:


The kNOw More Campaign is an initiative aimed at the prevention of sexual violence. In partnership with kNOw More, SGA will help to facilitate and promote trainings and programming to increase student engagement.


The Title IX initiative is in partnership with SGA, yet there have been limited opportunities for partnership. Students developed the “kNOw More” brand to highlight the dual message of Florida State’s no tolerance stance on sexual violence, and the collaboration between SGA and Title IX will create more opportunities for students to take the lead in raising awareness among their peers about bystander intervention. Furthermore, SGA leaders are not required to undergo any sort of bystander training prior to their roles. Florida State’s Human Resources and the Provost’s Office have begun training faculty, staff and graduate students, but the training is not required or recommended for students. With this partnership will come an implementation of a required training for all members within the SGA Executive Branch.

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