Goal 2: Engage the Student Body


Personal and Professional Development

From SGA:


The Student Government Association serves the student body by empowering them towards future success. Through increased exposure and accessibility to the current resources and programs, students will be able to develop their personal and professional skills.


There is location in University Center A in Room 4149 where students may take up to 4 individual apparel items OR 1 suit without cost. The platform proposes for an additional location for the clothing center, specifically within the Career Center. Through funding from SGA, the second location will be easier for students to access and with increased partnerships with community organizations, there will be a greater initiative for a variety of clothing options. In terms of personal development, there are several institutes launched by SGA such as the Freshman Leadership Institute, Transfer Leadership Institute, and Diversity and Inclusion Institute. Furthermore, nearly all of the Agencies also have their specific leadership programs. Thus, there is a need for increased exposure for these programs which will be executed through emails sent to the student body, as well as flyers listing all of the current leadership and diversity initiatives.

Tangibles given

None given


Self-Reported Status: 

Not Completed

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Evaluation Metric

Increased exposure and accessibility to current resources and programs

Action Log

2/17/20 - F grade assigned

Grade Explanation

While mos other platform points have some descriptive explanation on their tangible measures, the administration has not provided any information on the progress of this initiative. The administration can still fulfill the point by completing its metric, but has failed to do so as of 2/17/20. 

Recommended Improvements

Fulfllment of the metric through empowering students through increased exposure and accessiblity to current resources and programs, helping students develop personal and professional skills.

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