Goal 5: Accountability


Platform Tracker

From SGA:


Through a platform tracker, students will be able to keep the members of the Executive Branch accountable and students will be able to see the progress of the platform!


As conducted by previous administrations, one way to increase transparency on the Executive Branch is to have a platform tracker. Presented on the SGA website, the tracker will clearly state the initiatives the administration sets to achieve in the academic school year. Through time, the tracker will depict the status of the actions and the proposed timeline in which they will come to fruition.

Tangibles given

The Platform tracker was launched in the Fall Semester in order to portray the progress of the Steinberg, Lee, Dawkins Platform.

At the December 3rd, SGA Recap event coordinated by Student Body Vice President Lee - the Executive Branch as well as other areas of SGA were able to portray progress on initiatives through the semester. Additionally, Press Secretary Francis was able to launch a social media campaign also portraying how the platform has progressed.


Self-Reported Status: 


Our Verified Status: 




Evaluation Metric

Maintenance of a platform tracker that lists each platform point and continually updates students on the progress of those points. The tracker should list the status of the action items and show evidence for those claims.

Action Log

  • 10/16/19 - Self-reported as complete

  • 10/17/19 - Verification requested

  • 10/19/26 - "C-" grade assigned, through evaluation of metrics

Grade Explanation

The Initiative Tracker that currently exists at www.sga.fsu.edu lists platform points as "Complete", "On-Going", or "Not Complete". It is valuable for students to know how the administration considers the status of these platform points, but there is a severe lack of evidence for these claims. The tracker simply lists the platform point and what SGA considers the status to be, but students are not given information on why SGA considers these items "completed". The Tracker technically exists, yet severely lacks transparency. This earns a grade of C-.

Recommended Improvements

An A grade would be achieved through a platform tracker that provides students with information on what exactly has been accomplished, when, and by who. A simple checkmark is not sufficient. Evidence must be shown, to achieve an A grade.

Platform Point Input/Feedback Form

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