Goal 1: Advocate for Student Voices


SGA Engagement Week

From SGA:


The week is an opportunity for the Agencies and the Bureaus to collaborate on one topic: advocacy. The week will be in the first or second week of school to engage the Student Body, and each day willbe a separate topic of support.


The Agencies and Bureaus can co-sponsor an event where they find intersectionality. Such issues may include immigration, familial or societal pressures, civic engagement, safety, sustainability, etc. There are limited opportunities for cohesion between the Agencies and Bureaus, and this week will provide an opportunity for collaboration.

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Evaluation Metric

An engagement week, with a separate topic of support on each of the five days.

Action Log

2/17/20 - Grade updated to F

Grade Explanation

The platform point specifies that the Engagement Week would occur on the second or first week of school. Given that those periods have passed for the Fall and Spring semester of the administration's tenure, and the event has not happened, the initiative recieves an F grade.

Recommended Improvements

Holding an engagement week by the end of the Fall semester would recover some of the grade.

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