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Serving as a Liaison and Having a Discussion With FSUPD and TPD

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Speaking with FSU's Administration about serving as a liaison between the Tallahassee and FSU Police Department to have a sit-down discussion so we can express concerns, get answers, and mandate a plan to move forward.


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Evidence of a meeting with representatives from FSUPD and the Tallahassee Police Department.

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The Student Body President, Vice President, and Treasurer met with a group of Tallahassee officials over Zoom including Tallahassee Chief of Police, Lawrence Revell, and FSU Deputy Chief of Police, Terri Brown. In this call, Vice President Janvier vocalizes requests from students which include diversity training for TPD, FSUPD and FAMUPD in addition to the four requests listed in the follow up letter to Mayor Dailey's office

A recording of the Zoom meeting was posted on the Florida State YouTube channel and can be found here for your convenience (play at 17:20 to start from the time at which President Levin begins to speak).

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