Goal 5: Accountability


Student Government Leadership

From SGA:


Increase communication between branches of the Student Government Association in order to ensure our Student Government Association is operating in the most efficient manner possible.


Hold Senate Budget and Finance committee members accountable. Per Student Body Statue 411.3 “All members of the Finance and BudgetCommittees shall be required to attend a workshop held by the Student Government Association Accounting Office.” The Student Body Treasurer will schedule meeting with the Budget, Finance, PAC, and RTAC Chairpersons to play more of a visible role in the Legislative Branch.

Tangibles given

The Executive Branch/Executive Cabinet has had a representative at every Senate meeting this Fall to give updates on behalf of the respective groups. This will continue into the Spring semester Senate meetings.


Self-Reported Status: 


Our Verified Status: 




Evaluation Metric

Scheduled meetings between Budget, Finance, PAC and RTAC Chairpersons

Action Log

  • 10/16/19 - Self-reported as complete

  • 10/19/19 - Verification requested

Grade Explanation

Awaiting proof of the scheduled meetings between SGA leaders

Recommended Improvements

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