Goal 2: Engage the Student Body


Student Sustainability

From SGA:


In partnership with the Office of Student Sustainability (OSS), the Recycle Bike program will be extended to provide services for students to rent bikes on a daily or weekly basis.


The Recycle Bike Program is an initiative by the OSS to provide bike rentals for students ata reduced cost. Students can rent bikes for a semester or year and are given helmets and locks in addition to the bikes. However, a plethora of students are not cognizant of the opportunity or may not need to rent the bikes for the full time allocated. The program will increase student use of environmentally friendly transportation, due to the cheaper cost of renting the bikes. Social media and flyers will be employed to increase awareness on the resource.

Tangibles given

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Self-Reported Status: 

Not Completed

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Evaluation Metric

Extension of the Recycle Bike program to provide service on a daily or weekly basis

Action Log

2/17/20 - F grade assigned

Grade Explanation

The current services offered by the reCycle Bike program only list semesterly rentals. Expansion to daily and weekly services has not been established, shown here. A representative from reCycle bike has been contacted, who shared that the current administration has not reached out to reCycle bike about expanding services to daily/weekly rentals, adding that such an expansion would be a huge challenge.

Additionally, the Office of Student Sustainability currently has an entirely vacant executive board.

No effort towards the promised reCycle Bike expansion has occured, and the Office of Student Sustainability has a vacant executive board. This is not indicative of substantial support for student sustainability, and an F grade is assigned.

Recommended Improvements

Initiating tangible efforts to expand the reCycle bike program would improve the grade. Additionally, staffing the OSS executive board would offer a baseline operating level of student sustainability.

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