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Supporting Student Veterans

From SGA:


To advocate for Student Veterans within the University structure and throughout all levels of government to ensure that Florida State University is the most veteran-friendly campus, and that the State of Florida has the best veteran educational benefits possible.


Veterans on college campuses and at Florida State University face many unique challenges and may experience college in a different way than other students. The Student Government Association has made great strides to be the most veteran friendly campus possible through the creation of the Veterans Student Union and the continuous efforts to lobby the State Legislature to aid our Student Veterans.

Tangibles given

Through the Office of Governmental Affairs' Legislative Agenda the Student Government Association will be advocating for two student veteran friendly initiatives and policies to the Florida Legislature. These include, funding for the Veteran's Legacy Complex which would contain both the WWII Institute on the Human Experience, AFROTC & AROTC program, and the Student Veteran's Center. Additionally OGA, will be advocating for the expansion of the Purple Heart Tuition Waiver Program for graduate students. In line with other campus entities, and at the request of the Executive Branch - the SGA website contains a direct link to resources for student-veterans as seen via the arrowhead on the sga website. Student Government was instrumental in planning FSU's first Fallen Hero's ceremony through planning, programming, and funding.

In January members of the Student Government Association will be attending the annual NATCON, planned by the preeminent student-veteran organization, Student Veterans of America.


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Demonstrating a substantial effort in support for Student Veterans

Action Log

  • 2/9/20 - Fallen Hero Ceremony credited

Grade Explanation

The listed tangibles claim that the administration is advocating for funding for the Veterans Legacy Complex and expansion of the Purple Heart Tuition Waiver Program for graduate students, but does not give a timeline on what exactly is being done to advocate for those programs. Meeting minutes from the Office of Governmental Affairs on 11/7/19 show that meetings were in the process of being scheduled with Representative Perry and Senator Cruz, but as of 2/9/19 the term "purple heart" is not found in any further meeting minutes.

Furthermore, on a Legislative Agenda Talking Points document last edited on 11/13/19, an entry for Purple Heart Waiver is found, which briefly describes the program. There is also an entry for the Veterans Legacy Complex, which as of 2/9/19 is blank.

SGA helped plan the first Fallen Hero's ceremony, which was a very successful event.

The administration has been contact as to how the advocacy efforts for the Veteran's Legacy Complex, Student Veteran's Center, and Purple Heart Tuition Waiver expansion have gone.

Additionally, the administration has placed the Veterans Student Union arrowhead on the SGA website, which links to the VSU page.

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More details about the specific advocacy is needed.

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