Conflict-of-Interest Policy

The Torchlight Campus Policy Center is committed to maintaining a neutral platform and environment free from bias. 

1) All members must disclose both past and present party membership or affiliation

2) Voting power of a member is revoked if they are currently a member of a party.

3)  Current Senators, Executive Branch members, or Executive Board members of political parties (and others upon discretion) can only serve in a Consulting position, which are specifically created for relationships where a conflict would otherwise arise.

Confidentiality Policy

The Torchlight Campus Policy Center is committed to protecting the identity of students who wish to disclose information in the public interest.

Any student may contact the Center with information that they deem in the public interest to share. If the student wishes to remain anonymous in their disclosure of information, the Center will commit every measure to ensure the protection of the student's identity.