Finance Officer

The Finance Officer is responsible for maintaining the budget of Torchlight, and finding new ways to increase the operating funds of the organization. This officer will be expected to research and complete grant applications, manage Torchlight’s bank account, provide the Executive Board with monthly budget updates, ensure that all events and proposed purchases are fiscally responsible, facilitate the collection of dues, present any FSU or Student Government funding requests, and oversee all fundraisers. 

This individual needs to be comfortable maintaining a budget, organizing presentations, fundraising, filling out grant or other financial request forms, and communicating with others. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should have formal financial training, and have previous experience managing a bank account and raising money.


  • FSU SGA Financial processes, financial handbook, and general financial guidelines

  • Microsoft Office suite and collaboration tools


  • Managing, raising, and distributing money, under the scrutiny and transparency of FSU SGA standards

  • Researching funding sources and compiling grant proposals and funding proposals to outside stakeholders to raise funds


  • A natural inclination towards handling funds in an accountable and transparent manner, embodying the trust of the organization