Legislative Analyst

Legislative Analysts oversee and check the Legislation Tracker maintained by Legislative Database Editors. They manage internal detailed records of legislation and supply fact-based analysis on proposed legislation to the Student Senate and general public. Legislative Analysts may be asked to evaluate conversation on legislation, either through attending Senate meetings or reading meeting minutes. They write and present Torchlight updates to the Legislative Branch, often with the guidance of a Fellow. Applicants can expect to further increase their knowledge of SGA and gain skills in project management and legislative analysis.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee updates to the Legislative Database

  • Maintain internal records of pieces of legislation

  • Provide in-depth legislative briefs when required

  • Assist Legislative Fellows in any additional projects as needed


Necessary Characteristics

  • Familiarity with Student Senate structure

  • Effective written and oral communication skills

  • High-level analysis and critical thinking skills

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks accurately and efficiently under time constraints