Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer is responsible for maintaining all of Torchlight’s social media accounts and determining the design of Torchlight publications. This officer will be expected to manage the creation of all informational graphics and social media posts, create design templates for the various types of Torchlight’s publications, and oversee the creation of Torchlight’s annual report. 

This individual needs to be comfortable leading a small team, adapting to feedback from others, able to complete time sensitive projects, operate Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or similar social media accounts, and be comfortable with data visualization tools and graphic design software.  In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should have past experience in social media management and graphic design.


  • Canva, Adobe products, or other illustrative software of choice

  • Data visualization knowledge preferred, such as Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI


  • Create templates for social media outputs and adhere to existing templates when creating media outputs

  • Communicating with Director of Communications to execute their outreach and media strategy alongside the Promotional Officer


  • Eye for design and readability of outputs by all audiences

  • Distilling complex information to succinct materials used in media outputs