Policy Analyst

Policy Analysts are responsible for gathering information about proposed, ongoing, and completed campus policies and composing fact-based analyses on those policies. The incumbent will communicate with Executive Branch officials to gather up-to-date information. They will work as part of a team to reach the highest standard possible of evidence-based policy analysis. Critical thinking and decision making skills are necessary in the subjective aspects of the position, namely, authoring constructive criticism of policy execution.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Providing accurate, timely analysis of proposed and completed campus policy

  • Communicating with Executive Branch officials regarding specific policies

  • Monitor and analyze evolving campus issues

  • Furnishing the Initiative Tracker Database in these specific ways:

    • Metrics - Assigning objective metrics to which policy execution will be evaluated

    • Grade - Assigning a letter grade to the execution of a policy

    • Grade Explanation - Justifying why a specific grade was given for an initiative

    • Recommended Improvements - Steps that the administration should take to achieve an “A” grade, or other further recommended improvements 

Necessary Characteristics

  • Strong writing and critical thinking abilities

  • Commitment to fact-based evaluation, even in areas of subjective judgement