Promotional Officer

The Promotional Officer is responsible for overseeing Torchlight’s photography and videography. This officer will be expected to prepare formal headshots for all members of Torchlight, attend and document all official Torchlight events and partnerships, coordinate with the Web Officer and Marketing Officer to create finished products and promotional material, provide insight and assistance in completing the annual report, and create promotional videos for the organization. During weeks in which Torchlight has a formal event, time commitments will be higher. 

This individual needs to be comfortable working independently, taking and editing photos and videos, and have a talent for graphic design. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should have past experience in videography and photography.


  • Past experience in videography and photography preferred

  • Microsoft Office, knowledge of styles, templates, document organization, and collaborative tools


  • Coordinating and executing efforts to document Torchlight’s progress

  • Composing and publishing promotional videos and photos for use by other members in fundraising and promotional efforts

  • Composing, revising, and enforcing style guides for outputs


  • Following up on participation in activities that include all members (headshots)

  • Ability to create and drive narratives about members’ experiences within Torchlight