Policy Research

Research Request Officer

The Research Request Officer serves as a resource to both student leaders and the student body as a whole. Using an online form, students submit research requests to Torchlight, typically pertaining to relevant aspects of the student experience. As the Research Request Officer, this individual will need to assess each incoming request and determine the best way to fulfill it. Utilizing a team of researchers and analysts, it is the responsibility of this officer to manage, respond, delegate, and ultimately complete all requests. 

This individual needs to be comfortable with quantitative and qualitative research, managing small teams, delegating tasks, communicating with others, and learning new things. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should be a skilled writer, have an ability to explain things clearly and concisely, be highly organized, and be able to handle multiple tasks at once.


  • Resources and databases for gathering required information

  • Microsoft Office suite and collaboration tools

  • Torchlight operating procedures and output definitions


  • Interpersonal skills in delegating and following up on tasks among a small team

  • Editing the work of a small team for style, conciseness, and adherence to organizational procedures


  • Strong discretion in deciding research requests should be fulfilled according to our mission and values, balancing limited human resources