Legislative Analyst

Legislative Analysts maintain the Legislation Tracker and supply it with fact-based analysis on proposed legislation. The Analyst gathers, evaluates, and analyzes information relevant to proposed legislation, and composes Policy Briefs to explain and contextualize legislation to the student body. Upon direction, the incumbent is responsible for observing and evaluating debate on legislation, either through attending Committee meetings or reading recorded meeting minutes.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Tracking bills and resolutions through the legislative process and recording their progress in the Senate Database,

  • Preparing briefing summaries of legislation, 

  • When needed, attending Committee and Senate meetings related to specific legislation,

  • Facilitating communication with Senators regarding their voting records and sponsored legislation, especially that of nuanced debate and/or minority support,

  • Assisting Legislative Fellows in developing Policy Memos.


Necessary Characteristics

  • Familiarity with SGA legislative systems

  • Effective written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks accurately and efficiently under time constraints

SGA knowledge required/preferred: