Legislative Database Editor

Legislative Database Editors maintain the administrative records that comprise the Senate Legislation Tracker. This position gives the incumbent firsthand experience with the legislative process of the Student Senate, and experience maintaining an accurate database of legislative records. On a weekly basis, Editors scrape information from Senate voting logs and committee minutes and update the status of legislation.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Creating data entries for new legislation and Senators

  • Recording voting records of Senators in committees and on the Senate floor

  • Following the process of legislation through committees and general floor votes

  • Accessing and archiving digital records of legislation and minutes


Necessary Characteristics

  • Accuracy and attention to detail in data entry

  • Willingness to become familiar with basic Senate procedure

Week-to-week Tasks

  • Weekly (and at the direction of leadership) checking the SGA senate website to find & enter new legislation, and update progress on current ones in committee minutes

  • When voting records are posted to the senate website, recording those votes in the database

SGA knowledge required/preferred: