Media Content Coordinator

The Media Content Coordinator leads the overall branding identity and design of the Center. The Coordinator produces, delegates the task of producing, and approves all social media and multimedia content. Working with multiple people from throughout the Center, from Branch Directors to Media Content Producers, the Coordinator ties our diverse outputs together to form a cohesive brand identity that engages our customer base.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Taking ownership and creative direction of the Instagram and Facebook page to engage our audience in aherence to a strong brand identity

  • Delegating the task of producing media content and revising & approving products

  • Communicating with media content producers to establish expectations and guidelines for smooth operations

  • Using judgement to add content and trigger warnings to outputs with sensitive content

Necessary Characteristics

  • An eye for design and creative ideas for user engagement

  • Proficiency with the Instagram and Facebook interfaces to learn analytics about content impact and usage

  • Proficiency with Canva, Adobe products, or any preferred content creator

  • Ability to delegate and follow up on tasks and work with multiple people in different branches to produce their content in a timely manner

SGA knowledge required/preferred: