Research Fellow

Research Fellows are the primary producers of research at Torchlight. They are responsible for one project at a time, overseen from start to finish. Projects may be requested by interest groups, or proactively initatied at the request of the Director of Research. Projects must contain a quantitative portion, so experience in writing for policy is recommended. Projects can be as complex or simple as the Fellow decides, ranging from simple data gathering and interpretation to advanced statistical methods.

An example of a research project is the Policy Brief authored for the FSU chapter of the NAACP on trends in enrollment by racial group.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Authoring an original research project pertinent to a current campus issue

  • Communicating with student interest groups about their requested research

Necessary Characteristics

  • A strong writing ability, evidenced by a writing sample

  • Ability to abide by deadlines set by the Director of Research or interest groups

SGA knowledge required/preferred: