• Patrick Martin

Amplify Town Hall 6/15/2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

0:00: How many Amplify Exec board members currently hold major positions within SGA?

1:56: What is Amplify's role in the transition between administrations and their platforms?

4:18: Will Amplify commit to executing the BSU Open letter faculty recommendations?

6:10: How will Amplify work to continue to amplify marginalized communities at FSU?

7:17: Will Amplify consider requiring diversity training in candidates or executive board?

11:20: (We apologize for the error in recording) What will FSU do to address the concerns of antisemitism and support Jewish students at FSU?

14:42: How have the actions of the previous executive board shape the future of the party?

22:18: How will Amplify respond to COVID-19?

24:54: What has Amplify done to educate themselves and students about Title IX?

29:35: Do actions of the previous executive board reflect on the current one?

This was a follow-up question that was repeated after a student was not satisfied with the previous response. The student was specifically addressing the Supreme Court ruling that found the Amplify Movement guilty of filing false charges against an opponent candidate last Spring. The moderator did not read the full question submitted by the student, instead asking the stated question.

33:55: Will Amplify facilitate dialogue about programs such as Title IX, awareness of systemic racism, trans rights, etc?

38:48: How will Amplify ensure senators are representing the student body?

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