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Policy Memo: Anti-Racism Faculty Recommendations

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Author: Jaylen Darling

Statement of Purpose

On Thursday, June 4th , 33 of FSU’s esteemed faculty offered valuable suggestions as to rectify an academic climate deeply founded in racist ideology. On Monday, July 6th, President Thrasher and the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) released statements outlining initiatives the University will take to combat racism on campus. It has become evident that some of the recommendations that were proposed by the faculty have been delegated as guiding objectives for the Special Presidential Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality created by President Thrasher. Because Torchlight endorses the recommendations delivered by these faculty in their open letter published by the Black Student Union at FSU, the ten recommendations can be found on our website and their progress will continue to be tracked.
Thus, the reason for providing this analysis is to add validity and substantiate these ten policy recommendations that were declared with the daunting task of “rebuild[ing] an academic space that is rooted in anti-racist ideology” here at Florida State. With this policy memo, the Torchlight team will provide President Thrasher, the Presidential Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality, and most importantly, the student body, with context and analyses to stimulate the process of considering the full ratification of these 10 policy proposals.

- Jaylen Darling

Director of Policy Analysis


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Faculty Recs Policy Memo
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