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Spring 2021 Student Government Election Voting Guide

Updated: Feb 24

Torchlight’s Spring 2021 Student Government Election Voting Guide is split into four parts. The first part explains what is on the Spring 2021 ballot and how students can access it. The second part provides students with a brief description of the two campus political parties, Progress FSU and the Movement, that are running for office, in addition to the Independent Presidential candidate. The third part analyzes all candidates for Student Body President, Vice President, and Treasurer, and the final part gives a very brief summary of all candidate/political party platforms. The creation of our voting guide was overseen by the Director of Legislative Affairs, Shayna Cohen, and could not have been produced without contributions from Legislative Analyst Parker Ridaught, Director of Research Angel Purganan, Director of Torchlight Patrick Martin, and Research Assistant Yolanda St. Fleur.

Voting Guide:

Note: Independent Candidate for Student Body President, John "Jake" Raymond Alvarez, has withdrawn their candidacy and will not be on the Spring 2021 Student Government Election Ballot.

Torchlight Spring 2021 Student Governmen
• 1.31MB

Original Completed Executive Branch Candidate Responses:

Questionare Spring SGA Election - Alvare
• 264KB
Questionare Spring SGA Election - Blocke
• 144KB
Questionare Spring SGA Election-Leckie
P • 142KB
Questionnaire Spring SGA Election- Boden
• 135KB
Questionnaire Spring SGA Election-Thykad
• 41KB
Questionare Spring SGA Election - Gray
P • 81KB

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